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Steve Nash Trade Rumors Disappearing, Rest Of League Apparently Getting Message

As the NBA trade deadline approaches, it appears that point guard Steve Nash will in fact remain a member of the Phoenix Suns. Long have been there rumors and discussion about whether Phoenix would or should move the aging but effective point guard.

The team's position has long been that they would only trade him if he desired it. Nash has said that he is not interested in "chasing a title" and wants to keep on working with the teammates he has.

The league now apparently is believing this message, according a report by ESPN's Chris Broussard. He writes in his Insider column:

The Suns have not received a ton of calls about Steve Nash, as teams have seemingly gotten the message that he will not be traded.

Most of us here in Phoenix never believed that Nash would not get moved, despite some of the chatter that Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard was pushing hard to get Nash on his team.

Correct or not, we all can expect Steve Nash to finish this season, and likely his career at some point, in Phoenix.

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