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NBA Power Rankings: LeBron James Won't Go Away

The Phoenix Suns lost a heartbreaker to the Minnesota Timberwolves Monday night. Steve Nash missed two shots late in the fourth quarter, one he would normally knock down and the other was a difficult runner off the wrong foot. The two Gortat free throws were killer and the Dudley three that would have tied the game I thought was going to go in. Suns can't afford to lose that game with the position they are in. Phoenix is only two games in the loss column out of the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Enough about the Suns and onto this week's edition of the Top 10...

  1. Miami Heat 31-9: When the Heat beat the Pacers LeBron hit a clutch three late in the fourth quarter and hit another big three in overtime. Doesn't fit the narrative, pretend like it didn't happen. They take on the Bulls on Wednesday, if Chicago wins I think I will be forced to move them to one.
  1. Chicago Bulls 35-9: Bulls beat the Knicks on Monday night; I almost punched a hole through my TV, which has become a nightly occurrence when the Knicks play. Derrick Rose has been struggling from the field, in his last five games he is shooting 37% and 28% from three.
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder 32-9: Must watch TV on Friday when they play the San Antonio Spurs. Westbrook, Durant and Harden are insane. Don't think I've stated that in these power rankings yet so I needed to get that in.
  1. Memphis Grizzlies 24-16: Yup, the Grizzlies are fourth. 8-2 in there last ten games. It's pretty fascinating that Memphis is this good; none of their advanced statistics scream we're awesome and you should be terrified to play us in the playoffs. The rebounding numbers would be better if they had Zach Randolph.
  1. Los Angeles Lakers 25-16: They don't do lobs, but they do winning. Lakers have reestablished themselves as the best team in LA.
  1. Philadelphia 76ers 25-17: After a rough patch they are putting it back together with three straight wins. Next three games are important against the Pacers, Heat and Bulls.
  1. Orlando Magic 27-15: Trade deadline is on Thursday. They won't look the same as they do currently, the question is will they be adding to try to keep Dwight Howard or shipping him out?
  1. Los Angeles Clippers 23-17: The Clippers are 8-10 since Chauncey Billups went down. As someone who enjoyed making fun of Billups taking terrible transition threes and unnecessary shots in general this makes me feel dumb.
  1. Denver Nuggets 23-19: Denver has one goal before the playoffs get started and that is to get Danilo Gallinari going. In the four games since he has returned from injury he hasn't reached double figures and scored zero points in 21 minutes against Memphis on Sunday
  1. Boston Celtics 22-19: Only 2 ½ games behind the 76ers in the Pacific Division. Not out of the question they win it (curses and screams because the Knicks suck).