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Steve Nash Trade Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Might Deal Lamar Odom

Between now and the NBA trade deadline, expect around a thousand trade rumors that put Steve Nash back on the Dallas Mavericks. It's the feel-good trade narrative story, where one of the league's pure point guards gets a chance at a championship in his old city where he's reunited with his best buddy and Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki. It's going to be the sort of trade that people want it to happen, so they'll find whatever means to try and see it through.

There seems to be one rumor circulating around to that end.

Obviously, this can't be the whole deal. The Suns are not going to deal one of the best point guards in the NBA back to Dallas for an expiring contract unless they plan on getting at least one or two useful young pieces back as well. There's going to have be a lot more involved in this deal if it ever plans on seeing the light of day.

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