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Just Steve Nash Being Steve Nash, But This Time Winning The Game On His Birthday

As it would have to happen, Steve Nash was needed for last second heroics. On the night of Nash's 38th birthday, the team needed his running right-hander in traffic with five seconds left in the game. It was a game in which the Suns had a commanding lead and had the offense clicking, only to have the lead completely blown.

But just as Steve Nash likes to do and does well, he took the winning shot and won it.

He did in fact give himself a present. He got his team a win.

He played well. 18 points, 11 assists, shooting 8-13.

We established earlier on Tuesday how he continues to give and give with his ability to set up his teammates. Tonight, he had to give himself a present -- a win on his birthday.

It was just a season ago when writers were saying Nash is not longer an elite player. Yes, it was only one game and it was against a bad Bucks team, but the ball was in Nash's hands at the end and he won the game.

What else can you ask of him?