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Death Of Amare Stoudemire's Brother Just Another Unfortunate Event In Life Of NBA Star

Fans of the Phoenix Suns ought to feel bad for a player that left under good terms. Amare Stoudemire, who can definitely be considered among the team's most dominant players in team history, suffered a great loss. It was reported on Monday that Stoudemire's 35-year old brother, Hazell, was found dead after an automobile accident.

The unfortunate thing for Amare is that tragedy and obstacles are nothing new to him. He has not had an easy road in his life.

Amare grew up without his father and his mother was in and out of jail during his youth. He attended tree different high schools, all while living in a tough area.

Each and every time an obstacle has been put in his way, he has overcome it.

Despite his childhood, he stayed on track, played great in sports, stayed out of trouble and made it to the NBA.

He was drafted by the Suns out of high school and he has avoided trouble since he got into the league. However, misfortune still found him. He had to have microfracture surgery on his knee, only to have his other knee need surgery. He also lost a significant chunk of a season to a detached retina. He even had to deal with his mother's legal trouble once in the league, as she was arrested for a DUI one season.

He came back from knee surgeries and proved to be one of the most dominant offensive players in the league. He came back from eye surgery to do the same.

He earned himself a $100 million contract.

Now in 2012, he is having one of his least effective seasons. People say he looks like he has lost some explosiveness. Carmelo Anthony's arrival has taken the ball out of his hands. New York is struggling.

Now he has to deal with the death of a family member.

Too many other people when confronted with the same challenges have gone in directions that waste their lives and talent. Not Amare. He has made himself better each and every time.

It is in a way unfair to have to have gone through what he has. Sure he makes gobs of money. It doesn't make up for the trials and heartache.

We feel for the former Suns star. And if there is one thing we expect from him, it is that he will bounce back and prove himself to the doubters once again.

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