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NBA All-Star Game Half Time Score: West Drops 88 On East, Durant Dominates

One thing you are guaranteed to see in the NBA All-Star game is great defense. Kidding of course, there's no defense played until maybe the fourth quarter. The 2012 version in Orlando is no different as stars like LeBron James and Blake Griffin reminded the fans how good the dunk content could be (if they were willing to enter).

Kobe Bryant needed just 19 points coming into this game to take over the lead for the scoring title for All-Star games. Kobe clearly was aware of this as he went into Kobe mode and dropped a quick 11 points before Chris Paul stopped passing him the ball.

Steve Nash, with nothing left to prove and an aging body to worry about, was the last guy off the bench for the West. He played just 4:18 minutes in the first half but dropped a sweet half court bounce pass on the break soon after taking the floor. He had four assists.

The West dropped a record-high 88 points in the first half while the East put up a measly 69. Kevin Durant leads all scorers with 21 points and his OKC Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook has 17. For the East, Dwyane Wade has 14 and LeBron James has 13.