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Kevin Love Wins 3-Point Shootout In Tiebreak Round

On Saturday night, after Tony Parker won the Skills Challenge, big man Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves won the 3-point Shooting Contest. He netted 17 points in the 60-second tie-break round in the finals. He and Kevin Durant tied the final round before the tiebreak, eliminating the defending champion and former Phoenix Sun James Jones.

Jones had the highest score in the first round, moving on the final round with Love and Durant, but he had a cold streak in the final round.

Love is adding to his fantastic year. Charles Barkley called him the best power forward on the planet, as he is fourth in the NBA in scoring and second in rebounding.

The tiebreak round was an interesting pairing, as both Durant and Love are forwards, and shooting guards are typically the guys that have more success.

Stay tuned for more All-Star Weekend coverage.

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