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NBA Rookie-Sophomore Game: Markieff Morris Playing Well, Derrick Williams Struggles

The NBA is looking to make their All-Star weekend into quite the event and created the BVAA Rising Stars Game to add yet another dimension to the week. It is basically the annual Rookie-Sophomore Game, except Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal were able to draft the teams. Phoenix Suns rookie Markieff Morris was selected by Team Shaq, while Derrick Williams was picked by Team Chuck.

Late in the second half, Morris has played well and has 12 points and three rebounds. As for Williams, the former star with the Arizona Wildcats has disappeared for most of the game -- much like he has for most of the regular season thus far -- and has just two points. Maybe he's just saving his energy for the Dunk Contest on Saturday night?

There is just about three minutes remaining in the game and Team Chuck has held a 15 point lead for most of the evening. Kyrie Irving leads all scorers with 31 points. Jeremy Lin has two points, one assist and one rebound in only nine minutes of play.