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Steve Nash Still A Jeremy Lin Fan, Could A Movie Be Coming?

Like everyone else it seems in the world, Phoenix Suns All-Star point guard Steve Nash has become a Jeremy Lin fan. Just the other day he tweeted about how great his story was and how exciting he is to watch. After the Suns loss on Tuesday night, one in which Nash did not play, Nash again impressed by Lin, and also perhaps was looking for a possible way to make a mark in the filmmaking world.

What is so great about this is how he gushes over the young player. It is ever so clear just how much of a fan Nash is of the game of basketball. You don't always see that in athletes like him. What is also telling is that I cannot recall a time Nash was so open about his excitement about a young player, or any other player for that matter.

He didn't stop there, though.

Nash is no stranger to the business of film. Could he be thinking of a way to capitalize on this? Maybe. And why not? If the Lin story continues to be this successful, it won't be long before someone proposes a movie and ends up making a ton of money.

Regardless, it is truly refreshing to see genuine excitement from a veteran of the when a player is being successful. Either Nash is truly caught up in the moment, or he really sees that Lin has the talent to be very good in the NBA.

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