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NBA Power Rankings: Even Jeremy Lin Can't Get Knicks To Crack Top 10

Jeremy Lin is the rage of the NBA. The New York Knicks have won five in a row with Lin becoming the biggest story in the league. Saying that the Knicks put themselves in such a hole it still isn't enough to get into the Top for the first time this year, but they're creeping closer.

  1. Miami Heat 22-7: LeBron James on Monday night scored 35 points while going 16-21 from the field. Absolutely absurd. Heat have started their six game road trip 3-1. Tonight is a great test against the Indiana Pacers in their third game in three nights.
  1. Chicago Bulls 23-7: Injuries are starting to pile up for the Bulls. I know Derrick Rose's back checked out structurally and he is day to day, but I am still concerned. Chicago should be resting him till he is 100% healthy, doesn't matter if it takes three weeks. They have passed Philadelphia for the highest point differential in the NBA.
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder 21-6: Went 3-2 on a tough five game road trip. Good news for the Thunder Serge Ibaka is starting to play better. In the first two months of the NBA season he had one double-double. In seven game in February he already has three and has blocked 10 shots in a game twice.
  1. Philadelphia 76ers 20-9: In the middle of a stretch of seven of eight games on the road. First two were easy games against Cleveland (without Irving/Varejao) and Charlotte. The Bobcats game was much tougher than it should have been. Next four games at Orlando, vs. Dallas, at Minnesota and at Memphis are much more interesting.
  1. San Antonio Spurs 19-9: I love this team. I don't know what kind of staying power they will have in the playoffs, but the mix of veterans and youth make them really intriguing to me. The Spurs have won seven straight including wins against Oklahoma City and Philadelphia. Manu Ginobili is back in case you missed it.
  1. Dallas Mavericks 18-11: The Mavericks aren't letting the Spurs run away with the Southwest division. Welcome back Dirk Nowitzki! His last six games Dirk is averaging 25.7 PPG, 7.3 RPG and shooting 52% from the field. They have won four games in a row.
  1. Los Angeles Clippers 17-9: Clippers lost Monday night to the Dallas Mavericks, but in the last game of a six game road trip the way they played really impressed me. Kenyon Martin had four blocks and did as good of a job as you could do guarding Dirk Nowitzki. Western Conference playoffs are going to be insane.
  1. Indiana Pacers 17-10: Indiana has lost three in a row. After their game tonight against the Heat they get to pad the record for two weeks with a ridiculously easy schedule.
  1. Orlando Magic 18-11: Weird team, weird situation, but they have Dwight Howard. With Dwight Howard they are going to be able to win a decent amount games. Don't like having them in the Top 10, but the other options are even worse.
  1. Atlanta Hawks 18-10: I'm putting them at 10, but let me be on the record and say I'm done with the Atlanta Hawks. The team is a joke and doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. I watched the game they played against the Heat on Sunday night and it was a disgrace. It's time for them to tear it down.