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NBA Power Rankings: Phoenix Suns Rise To No. 21

The Phoenix Suns played four games this week, and did fairly well for themselves. Phoenix had their most impressive win when they beat the Atlanta Hawks, and also beating two mediocre teams in the Sacramento Kings and the Milwaukee Bucks. Their lone loss was to the Houston Rockets, who are a solid team in their own right.

Marc Stein released his latest NBA Power Rankings, and the Suns did get a little credit for their performance from last week. Phoenix moved up from 24th to 21st after winning three of the last four contests.

Although I've learned over the years to tune out The Chuckster's TNT proclamations, it ain't easy to let his Nash rant slide. Unworthy for All-Star selection? Say what? The 38-year-old is averaging 15-and-10 and shooting .563 from the floor. Why does Chuck think Phoenix is anywhere near .500?

Interestingly, Phoenix won all three of their road contests and lost their only home game. Strange week, but it's been good enough to rise them a little up. The Suns do have a tough stretch this week to hold it though, as they play three games in three nights and have a home-and-away with the hated Lakers.

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