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Alvin Gentry still believes in talent of Kendall Marshall

Kendall Marshall hasn't had a great start in Phoenix, but Alvin Gentry believes in him.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Kendall Marshall hasn't had a great start to his rookie season with the Phoenix Suns in 2012, after being drafted 13th overall out of North Carolina.

Marshall hasn't gotten a ton of time in Alvin Gentry's rotation this year, mostly due to inconsistent play by the youngster. However, Marshall does show promise as a player who can make some things happen on the court with his athleticism and size, making Gentry believe he has a future, according to

"[Shooting] is something he is going to improve on," Gentry said. "I think as a coach improving in the shooting is the least of your worries because I think it's something that everybody's gotten better at over the course of years in the NBA."

Marshall has already spent time in the D-League, something that happens to many rookies as they attempt to work their way into an NBA rotation. It's never an easy thing for a star in college to make the transition to the D-League, but Marshall took it all in stride eventually. Per

"I definitely think it's a hard sell," Gentry stated. "But I think at the end of the day [Marshall] definitely wanted to have the experience of going out and playing and just experience being in a game for 30 minutes or so and running a team."

After being brought back a week ago, Marshall hasn't looked much different, but Gentry and the Suns' brass understand that patience is key. Per

"[Marshall] will make those [improvements]," Gentry stated. "He's a good size, almost 6'5", a really good passer. The shooting is the area where he's really got to improve."