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NBA trade rumors: Suns could be interested in Rip Hamilton

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With the team in the middle of the pack, Phoenix is rumored to be thinking of a few moves.

Jonathan Daniel

It's been a very uneven year for the Phoenix Suns under head coach Alvin Gentry this season, and now rumors are starting to fly about who they could acquire to make a playoff push.

According to CSNChicago, the Suns are interested in bringing in Richard Hamilton, the one-time NBA champion for the Detroit Pistons.

Hamilton has an oversized contract and has certainly aged, but he's still a valuable piece on the wing who has an expiring contract, meaning Phoenix would only be one the hook for a single year.

While Hamilton wouldn't make the Suns any type of a title contender, he would at least provide some scoring from the outside. Unfortunately, he doesn't add much in the way of speed or defense, two things the Suns can really use.

Phoenix wouldn't have to give up much in the trade, with Chicago basically just seeking some cap relief so it can make other moves down the road.