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Marcin Gortat 'hit a wall' earlier this season

The Polish big man has admittedly overextended himself on the court.

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Phoenix Suns' center Marcin Gortat has played plenty of basketball recently. Coming into the NBA season just months after playing for the Polish national team during qualifying matches for EuroBasket2013, Gortat hasn't had much time to recharge his batteries.

The countless hours in the gym have taken their toll on the 6'11, 240-pound big man, with the mental aspect outweighing the physical aspect.

"I think I lost the hunger of the game," Gortat told "I wasn't hungry enough to go and get it just like I used to do. I definitely felt that."

Through 26 games this season, Gortat has averaged 31.4 minutes, 11 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game. Those aren't numbers Gortat is pleased with.

"It's up to me," Gortat said. "There's nothing the team can do for me. I can just stay positive, take care of my body, try to after practice forget about basketball, and just come ready for the next day, come next day ready to play. Right now, I'm just trying to do everything during the day to make myself ready for the next day because I'm just tired."

The Suns (11-15) travel to Portland to face the Trailblazers (12-12) on Saturday at 8 p.m. MST. The game will be televised by NBATV.