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NBA scores: Clippers keep winning streak going, lead Pacific Division

The Los Angeles Clippers stay just ahead of the Golden State Warriors, while the Lakers, Suns and the Kings remain under .500 in the Pacific Division.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns are still way behind in the Pacific Division, and the first three days of the week figure to be no different. Here are the scores from the last three days.

The Clippers still lead the Pacific, beating the Pistons 88-76 on Monday and the Hornets 93-77 on Wednesday. The Clippers improved their win streak to eleven games and moved to 19-6 on the season. Right behind the Clippers are the Warriors, who split a back-to-back to stay in second place in the division at 17-9. Golden State beat New Orleans 103-96, then lost to Sacramento 131-127.

The Lakers just managed to edge the Charlotte Bobcats 101-100 to move up to 12-14. The Suns beat the Kings 101-90 and the Bobcats 121-104 to improve to 11-15 on the season. The Kings remain in dead last, losing to the Suns and edging out the Warriors to situate themselves at 8-17 on the season.