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Jared Dudley playing better as starter, foward

The Suns are seeing the benefits of a different role for Jared Dudley


Jared Dudley has moved to small forward for the Phoenix Suns, and the former shooting guard has settled into the role rather nicely. He has double-digit points in seven of his last eight games, including a season-high 22 points in Phoenix's win over the Utah Jazz.

Head coach Alvin Gentry noted the benefits of the switch in the post-game press conference. "In defense of him," Gentry said, "I think we're playing him probably where we should have been playing him all year. I think he's more comfortable there, starting as a three man."

Dudley is also seeing more time on the floor, averaging more than 41 minutes in the last three games. The fifth-year man is pleased with the change.

"I would have loved to play better early on," he said. "It kind of happened last year where I lost a spot and came back. I'm a glue guy where I have to fit in with guys. That's happened now. Defensively, I'm just trying to be a lot more active."

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