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Phoenix Suns handling Michael Beasley well, says analyst

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Phoenix Suns' color analyst Tim Kempton said in a recent radio interview that he believes head coach Alvin Gentry has done a good job handling Michael Beasley. The power forward joined Phoenix in the offseason and has had ups and downs during his first season with the Suns.

Christian Petersen

Despite the struggles of the Phoenix Suns thus far this season, one thing that Suns' color analyst Tim Kempton believes the team, and Alvin Gentry in particular, has done well is the handling of new addition Michael Beasley.

In an interview with Arizona Sports 620, Kempton said, "They are getting him plenty of shots, they expect him to shoot the ball and be involved in the offense. ... But Alvin Gentry's been very clear if you're not performing well that night we can't have you on the floor because we don't have that luxury."

Beasley, who was signed to a three-year $18 million contract in the offseason, has averaged 11.1 points and 3.8 rebounds per game so far in 2012, making him the fourth-leading scorer and fifth on the team in rebounding. Beasley has played an average of 26.3 minutes this season.

Phoenix is 9-15 on the season after a win over Utah on Friday.