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Phoenix Suns reaction: Michael Beasley falling out of favor in the desert?

The team is reportedly beginning to see the forward as a detriment to team chemistry.


Michael Beasley may be wearing out his welcome in Phoenix before he even finished unpacking his bags after a move from Minnesota.

According to Shaun Powell of, the Phoenix Suns are growing weary of his antics:

Of course, our good friends over at Bright Side of the Sun are all over this one. Beasley has spent two games coming off the bench -- one strong performance, and one not so good. The Suns' plans for the former lottery pick are still unknown. Will he be benched altogether, suspended, traded or all of the above?

What is this major shakeup?

The general reaction has been to take Powell's information lightly, and to realize that he's more or less stating the obvious. Of course Beasley has struggled, and of course the Suns knew what kind of player they were getting when they brought him in. They were hoping that he'd take the next necessary step in his development. He's been a historically bad shot-taker and has always had the ability to shoot a team out of a game when he struggles.

ESPN's Zach Lowe responded to Powell sarcastically:

As of now, that seems to be the consensus. The "wait and see" approach is probably the safest bet. Phoenix will next face the Memphis Grizzlies at home on Wednesday.