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NBA power rankings: Phoenix Suns fall to 27th

The Phoenix Suns have lost seven games in a row.


The Phoenix Suns have lost seven games in a row to fall to 7-15 on the season and 27th in Seth Rosenthal's NBA power rankings this week.

The Suns were ranked 24th in the previous rankings before going 0-4 last week as they lost to Memphis, Dallas, Orlando and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Phoenix is tied with the Charlotte Bobcats for the longest current losing streak in the league. The Suns last win came on Nov. 27 when they beat the Cavaliers, 91-78, in Cleveland.

At 7-15, the Suns are in last place in the Pacific division and trail the first-place Los Angeles Clippers by eight games.

The San Antonio Spurs won three games last week to improve to 17-4 on the season and remain in first place in the power rankings. The Spurs are followed by Oklahoma City, New York, Memphis and the Los Angeles Clippers. After losing to the Wizards and Knicks, the Miami Heat fell two spots to sixth in the rankings.