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Suns Vs. Heat reaction: Phoenix fans find Miami's offense familiar

The Heat had little trouble taking down the Suns on Monday night, using the same offense that Phoenix made famous years ago.

Mike Ehrmann

The Phoenix Suns fell, 124-99, to the Miami Heat on Monday night, and the offense utilized by Lebron James and his teammates should have looked familiar to Suns fans. The Heat were using the quick-tempo offense that was was run to perfection years ago in Phoenix.

Seth Pollack of Suns blog Bright Side of the Sun noticed the similarities, and says the offense is a change from Miami's typical isolation-heavy looks:

Miami's offense finally seems to be living up to their potential after a few years of stagnant isolation play. They now look an awful like the Suns with their highly efficient, fast-paced pick and roll game. Utilizing a variety of ball handlers and roll men they force the defense to collapse quickly or get beat for a quick bucket in the lane.

The Heat were sharing the ball well, with 32 assists on 47 made field goals. That led to some highly-efficient offense, as Miami hit 53 percent of their two-pointers and 58 percent of their threes.

Phoenix falls to 1-3 with the loss, while the Heat improved to 3-1. The Suns take the court again on Wednesday night as they visit the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats have played just two games so far this season, winning their opener before dropping their last to the Mavericks on Saturday.