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NBA power rankings 2012: Suns an upper-bottom team

The Phoenix Suns are a team trying to move out of the cellar in the latest NBA power rankings.


The Phoenix Suns remain in the bottom tier of NBA teams despite improving to 6-8 on the season. Last week they moved up from 25th to 23rd in Marc Stein's latest power rankings, and it might have been higher if the Suns had finished off their victory to star their trip. John Hollinger is a little kinder, placing Phoenix in the 20th spot.

Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation
has the Suns sticking in a static spot at 23, with their three point defense struggling to hold up over the past few weeks.

The Suns also made upward movement in CBS Sports's latest power rankings thanks to the wins, as Matt Moore moved them up from 22nd to 20th. Kurt Helin of NBC Sports also gives them a bump from 24th to 23rd for their recent success, but isn't optimistic about the team's hopes of winning games in the near future. Phoenix is in the midst of an East Coast swing.