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Marcin Gortat learns to use anger for his play and not his comments

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Gortat shines in his first game after making some comments that upset many in the organization.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Phoenix Suns starting center Marcin Gortat spoke to the Polish media that eventually was translate and got back to the Arizona media. He spoke of how he was upset with how he was being used in the offense and how the offense was not doing as well and he didn't have the same chemistry with Goran Dragic that he did with Steve Nash.

Naturally, this did not go over well with fans, coaches or the organization.

Lon Babby, President of Basketball Operations, spoke on the radio about how Gortat's comments disappointed the front office, the coaches and the players on the team. They don't have a problem with the sentiment, but rather that he would air it out publicly without discussing it with the coach.

There have been responses and responses to responses, but Gortat finally got to play, and he played well. He scored 22 points on 11/14 shooting and grabbed seven rebounds, all without logging a single minute in the fourth quarter.

He spoke about it after the game. "I learned in the past three days that you've got to play the game with a little bit of anger," he explained. "I had a little bit of anger inside me and I just tried to prove it and show that I'm a player that's capable of scoring inside."

Anger with himself or the situation? "Just anger."

He later told the media that he was frustrated with the way he was playing. His teammates helped him see, "you've got to play with aggression."

That aggression showed as he was very active on the offensive end, making himself available around the hoop in good position to score. The result? He scored more.

The moral of the story? When you are part of a team, you need to use your anger and frustration to push yourself on the court rather than using it to air your concerns to the media.

It might make the media's job a little more boring, but it makes for a better team situation.