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Phoenix Suns fan reaction to Marcin Gortat comments

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How accurate are the criticisms of Suns center Marcin Gortat of the Phoenix offense?

Christian Petersen

Marcin Gortat of the Phoenix Suns is having trouble adjusting to not having the basketball in his hands enough.

Dave King of Bright Side of the Sun addressed some of the situations.

Gortat seems to allege that Phoenix is not moving the ball quite as much. King believes otherwise, and that the situation has more to do with Gortat not getting the basketball.

The top ballhandler (Nash vs. Dragic) has 3.4 fewer assists per game, and the team as a whole is down 1.5 assists per game. Yet, it appears from these raw numbers that more players and passing this year than last in every case beyond the starting point guard.

King seems to agree that Gortat isn't getting the basketball quite as much in the paint, and some of that might be having to adjust to a new point guard.

A look at statistics tells some of the story. As we expected, Marcin's game was going to evolve with a new point guard. Dragic attacks off the pick more often than Nash, rather than floating and setting up the roll man.

With regards to situational basketball, Gortat is having trouble with the pick and roll and post-ups that he's so used to dealing with game after game.

Gortat's most frequent play type last season was being the roll man. He finished on the roll 33% of the time last season, with a robust 1.234 points-per-play. He scored 63.4% of the time. This year, he rolls only 22% of the time as is terrible at finishing (.78 PPP, scoring only 42% of the time). Quite the change.

That is not to say that Gortat is totally incorrect in his analysis. There are definitely problems with regards to ball movement, as the Suns have struggled to move the basketball around after losing Steve Nash to the Lakers.