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Phoenix Suns face Miami Heat for last time this season

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Can Phoenix play better than a 25-point loss?


The Phoenix Suns will play the back end of of their third back-to-back set this season, and for the second time it will be against the Miami Heat. In Miami, LeBron James and the rest of the world champion Heat led basically from wire to wire in a 124-99 blowout that wasn't even as close as the blowout showed.

This time Phoenix will play host to the Heat and fans will get to see James in person for the first time in two season. In their only game a season ago, James did not play.

Phoenix sits at 4-6 and has lost two straight games, but would like to buck a trend they have had at home. They have fallen behind by double digits in each home game.

What will it take for a Suns win? A perfect game. They would need to hit a lot of threes, they would need huge scoring games from Michael Beasley and Shannon Brown, as well as somehow containing LeBron.

Game time: 7PM at US Airways Center.

Likely starting lineups (Heat/Suns):

PG: Mario Chalmers/Goran Dragic

SG: Dwyane Wade/Jared Dudley

SF: LeBron James/Michael Beasley

PF: Shane Battier/Luis Scola

C: Chris Bosh/Marcin Gortat

Key stats:

Three passes: Head coach Alvin Gentry cited this stat after the team's loss to the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night. When the Suns pass the ball at least three times in a possession, they shoot 55 percent from the field. When they pass less than that, they shoot 31 percent.

They have to move the ball, plain and simple.

Will it matter? Probably not.

Limit three-point shooting:

Miami has six players that shoot better than 40 percent on three-point shots. as a team they shoot over 43 percent. With prolific shooters in Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis and Mike Miller, this will not be an easy task.