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2012 NBA standings: Suns in the middle of the Pacific pack

The Phoenix Suns couldn't get over the .500 hump Wednesday, but will be looking to even up their record against the Lakers Friday.

Christian Petersen

The Suns failed in their opportunity to break over .500 Wednesday evening and now sit in third place in the Pacific at 4-5.

Phoenix has rebounded nicely from a 1-3 start but still has yet to post a winning record this season. They will get a chance to push the Lakers (3-5) further to the bottom though this Friday when they head out to Los Angeles.

As for the rest of the division, the Clippers (6-2) remain the king of the Pacific castle with Wednesday night's resounding 107-100 win over the Miami Heat to send a message to the rest of the conference.

The Golden State Warriors (4-4) are still continuing to turn some heads even in the absence of center Andrew Bogut, earning a tough 92-88 win over the Atlanta Hawks Wednesday.

The Sacramento Kings (2-6) have not been as fortunate when it comes to wins this season. After showing signs of hope and putting together a little two-game winning streak, the Kings have dropped three in a row.

Below are the complete divisional standings:

Pacific Standings

Los Angeles Clippers 6 2 .750 0 Won 4
Golden State 4 4 .500 2 Won 1
Phoenix 4 5 .444 2.5 Lost 1
Los Angeles Lakers 3 5 .375 3 Lost 1
Sacramento 2 6 .250 4 Lost 3

(updated 11.15.2012 at 5:39 PM MST)