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Goran Dragic, two other Suns make all-star ballot, Michael Beasley not among them

Three Suns have been listed on the NBA All-Star ballot, but it does not include two others who have either been instrumental or expected to be instrumental in the Suns' success.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

The NBA released their All-Star Game ballots on Tuesday and as odd as it was for Suns fans not to see Steve Nash's name listed as a Suns candidate, that wasn't the weirdest part. Did anyone ever foresee Goran Dragic becoming a potential all star for the Suns in his second go-around? How about Luis Scola in his first season in Phoenix?

Both of them were listed along with center Marcin Gortat. But what might be more surprising than who was listed is who was not listed.

Neither Michael Beasley, who was brought in and expected to be the new go-to-guy for the Suns, nor Shannon Brown made the ballots.

Beasley has had a rough go of things thus far in his Suns career. He is averaging just a shade under 29 minutes per game, which is definitely not something fans would have expected. In that time, he is scoring 13 points and collecting 5 rebounds from the small forward position. While the numbers are respectable for the time he is on the court, it is a wonder why he does not see an increase in minutes. Obviously, coach Alvin Gentry feels he has better options he can go to on the bench.

Then there is Shannon Brown. Brown has been a hero for the Suns as of late, scoring 6 3-pointers in the fourth quarter for a Suns record in a game against the Charlotte Bobcats last week. Like Beasley, he seems to be getting a lack of minutes on the floor based on his production.

For the NBA All-Star game, everyone knows it is a popularity contest and probably no Suns will even make the roster, but it came across as odd to me that Beasley and Brown won't even have the chance to represent Phoenix. Maybe this will spark the lackadaisical Beasley to up his game, proving to Coach Gentry that he is deserving of more playing time. For Brown, this may be motivation to keep him playing at a high level.

Even though neither of these players made it, they are both deserving -- in my eyes -- of at least having their names on the ballot. On a per 36 minute basis, they are two very promising scorers for the Suns.

At least there is always the option of a write-in vote...