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NBA Odds: Take the over on some Phoenix Suns players

The Suns look like scoring points will still come fairly easily.


With the NBA season about to begin and the Phoenix Suns starting their journey without Steve Nash, Vegas has reasonable expectations for their players offensively. In fact, based on the little bit we have seen from the starters, scoring points does not look like it will be a chore for them. As such, the over/under lines for the production of several Suns starters look pretty decent.

Point guard Goran Dragic hopes to pick up in Phoenix where he left off in Houston when he took over the starting job. Vegas set the over/under for him in points at 15.5 and 6.5 for assists. With how Phoenix runs its offense, the assists are an easy over and the points will be close, but I still would take the over as well.

Forward Michael Beasley, who ended the preseason with a 29-point performance, is projected to be the team's scoring leader. Vegas sets his over/under at 17 points per game. I tend to agree that he will be the number one scorer. he will be right at around 20, so again, an easy over.

Luis Scola has his line for scoring set at 16 points a game. As skilled as he is, I take the under here because of Beasley's and Dragic's scoring. It won't be much less, but it will be less, right at around 15 points.

Center Marcin Gortat has his scoring average line set at 14.5. He was the team's leading scorer a year ago. He will not be this year. Take the under. as for rebounding, the line is at 10. He loves to rebound. Take the over.

How will this all translate into regarding wins? That is a different question and will be answered a different day.

If you are the betting type, that is my advice.