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NBA Preseason, Phoenix Suns: Goran Dragic has big shoes to fill

Jacob Padilla of Bright Side of the Sun takes a slower look at Goran Dragic and the rest of the Phoenix Suns stable of point guards.

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Filling the shoes of departed Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash is a lofty task for anyone, let alone Goran Dragic. SB Nation's own Jacob Padilla of Bright Side of the Sun weighed in on what Suns fans should expect from Dragic and the rest of the Suns point guards in 2012-13.

Padilla notes that, with Dragic at the helm, it's likely that the Suns will stick to the point guard-driven offense that Suns fans have come to expect over the years. Dragic averaged 18 points, 8.4 assists and 3.4 rebounds as a starter for the Houston Rockets last season, and Padilla sums his game up nicely here:

Dragic is a very good pick-and-roll point guard who usually uses screens to set up his own drives rather than looking for the big man rolling to the basket. He also loves to get out in the open court and is very effective on the fast break. Dragic is a pretty decent defender who likes to put on the pressure and force turnovers.

Padilla also wrote up a much more in-depth break down of the fourth-year point guard's game here.

With coach Alvin Gentry incorporating new facets to his offense this season, Dragic will be able to utilize his versatility and athleticism rather than being forced to create his own shots as he has in the past. He won't be Steve Nash, but he shouldn't have to be. He's a talented player, poised to have a great year.

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