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USA Basketball: Suns Guard Michael Redd Will Not Be Considered For 2012 Olympic Team, According To Report

The 32-year old has struggled with knee injuries in recent years.

Michael Redd was once one of the prolific scorers in the NBA and played a big role for the 2008 USC Olympic Team, but according to a report, the 11-year veteran will not be considered for the 2012 squad that will play in London in just a few short months. Redd recently signed a deal with the Phoenix Suns, but has missed time due to injuries.

This news should not come as too much of a surprise, especially with Redd's recent history of health issues. And while the Suns signed the veteran guard to a one-year deal, a comeback season could prompt the front office to re-sign him in the offseason. If this were to be the case and Redd were to re-injure one of his knees in London, it could become an ugly situation in Phoenix.

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