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Robin Lopez Ejected For Bumping Ref; Suns Not Offering Extension

Robin Lopez made news for two completely unrelated reasons on Tuesday night. Before the game Phoenix Suns President of Basketball Operations told Fox Sports Arizona that the team won't be offering Lopez an extension before the January 25th deadline. Lopez was then ejected in the second quarter of the Suns loss to the Raptors for making contact with an official.

Here's what Babby had to say about the extension he won't be offering:

Suns won't extend Lopez's contract
Suns coach Alvin Gentry said Lopez has been limited by Marcin Gortat's efficiency this season rather than any further regression, and Babby said the fact that Lopez's contract not being extended should not be interpreted as referendum on the organization's feelings about his future.

"I wouldn't read anymore into it than there's a deadline and the deadline's going to pass," Babby said. "And we've agreed to put this off to another day."

Without the extension, Lopez will become an restricted free agent at the end of the season. He can receive offers from other teams which the Suns have the right to match.

The frustration Lopez showed on the court Tuesday night after not getting a call on the offensive end was likely not related to the lack of an extension offer (Lopez in the FSN story seemed fine with the decision), but his coach's reaction to the ejection very well could signal what happens next.

Instead of backing Lopez or giving a neutral response when asked what happened during the game, Gentry said:

"I don't know. I don't really give a shit to tell the truth. You have to talk to him about that."

Those were not the words of a supportive coach. Lopez was unavailable to the media after the game.

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