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NBA Power Rankings: Look Who Just Cracked The Top 10

When Dirk Nowitzki, one of the ultimate professionals in the NBA has to sit out four games for being a pile of non-conditioned poop, you know something is wrong with this lockout shortened NBA season. Even with that, last year's NBA champions are starting to play better basketball. Will they crack the Top 10 of the NBA Power Rankings? Lets find out...

1. Chicago Bulls 16-3: C.J Watson held down the fort while Derrick Rose was out with a toe injury. Rose is now back and Rip Hamilton is starting to hit his groove.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder 14-3: The Thunder keep cruising along. If it wasn't for a bad loss to the Washington Wizards they would be number one.

3. Philadelphia 76ers 12-5: While the rest of the Atlantic Division struggles the 76ers continue to win games. That being said with the competition picking up the 76ers are 2-2 in their last four games with losses to the Nuggets and Heat. Between those two losses they did have a quality in against the Atlanta Hawks to help keep them towards the top.

4. Miami Heat 11-5: Despite the record the Heat have the third highest point differential in the NBA. They had three straight quality wins over the Spurs, Lakers and 76ers before a bad loss to the Bucks.

5. Denver Nuggets 12-5: The Nuggets won their much hyped match-up with the Knicks. Danilo Gallinari outplayed the man he was traded for, Carmelo Anthony.

6. Atlanta Hawks 13-5: No Al Horford, no problem. The Hawks are now 7-1 without their All-Star big man. Nice test for them Wednesday when they travel to San Antonio where the Spurs have been playing fantastic basketball.

7. Indiana Pacers 11-4: After starting their three game road trip with a bad loss to the Sacramento Kings the Pacers bounced back with two hard fought wins over the Warriors and Lakers. Good sign to see a team that hasn't played together much be able to pull out wins with plays down the stretch of games.

8. Orlando Magic 11-5: The Magic would have been significantly higher, but then they scored 56 points and only 20 in the second half against the Boston Celtics Monday night. The entire team should be suspended for at least a week.

9. Los Angeles Clippers 9-5: Staying afloat without Chris Paul. Bounced back from a difficult loss at the buzzer to the Timberwolves with the Raptors.

10. TIE between Memphis Grizzlies (10-6) and Houston Rockets (10-7): These Southwest division teams are tied for the longest current win streak with seven games. Look no further than their two point guards Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry who are both playing terrific basketball.

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