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VIDEO: Steve Nash Attempts 'The Corn Chopper'

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash is so excited about the upcoming Real Snow competition at the X Games for the world's best urban snowboarders that he's decided to enter with his patented move, "The Corn Chopper," and submit the below video for consideration.

At least, I think it's the Corn Chopper. It's referred to by two different names ending in chopper in this video. Pretty sure the second guy calls it the Dog Chopper.

You might not think Phoenix, Arizona is the ideal place for snowboarding but that's the whole point. Urban snowboarding is like parkour's insane younger brother.

Kudos to Nash for completely selling it in this video. If there's anyone who knows how to go for it, it's Nash. As for everyone else, well, perhaps Steve will add acting coach to his already-impressive repertoire.

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