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The Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash Is Still Nursing A Bruised Rib

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The Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash is dealing with a bruised rib suffered in the season opener that has hindered his play since. Nash is taking medication on a nightly basis but the nature of the game almost guarantees that the area in pain will be aggravated somehow during the course of play.

Aside from the exterior pain, Nash is also struggling breathing and keeping his stamina up during games as Nash told the Arizona Republic.

"It's like I'm holding my breath a lot," Nash said. "I'm tired a lot. I'm bracing. It's not fun."

"It's definitely affected my shot and mobility."

It's also affected the Suns, who have lost three of their first four games of the season as Nash has shot less than 31% from the field. This is the same Nash who has shot close to 49% from the field for his career. Yeah, he's in pain.

The option has been there to sit Nash but, not surprisingly, he's wanted to be out there.

"He has wanted to play," coach Alvin Gentry said. "With him out there, it gives us an opportunity to win. He's not shooting well, but just him out there gives us a chance to hang tight. Our problem is we're not making open shots."

The Suns play the Golden State Warriors at 1:30 pm and Nash will suit up.