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Derrick Rose Injury: Chicago Bulls PG Out With Turf Toe Vs. Phoenix Suns

The Chicago Bulls are pretty much dependent on Derrick Rose to be their main man in almost every sort of way. He's their best passer, scorer and play-maker, and every second he's not on the floor the team suffers. The Bulls saw that happen when they lost to the Memphis Grizzlies on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when Rose had to sit out and Chicago struggled as a team.

It looks like they'll have to make do without him for the second straight night.

Frankly, the Bulls need Rose as soon as possible. C.J. Watson is a serviceable point guard and is perfectly capable as your backup, but he's not a starter and everyone knows it. The Suns need to take advantage of this mismatch early and often in tonight's contest.

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