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NBA GM Survey Still Mentions Steve Nash, Barely

The annual survey of the NBA's general managers has been released and it's just another sign of the how the Phoenix Suns have fallen. In year's past, the Suns would have been picked to win their division, win the west, have a player in the MVP discussion, and more.

Now, the only mention of the once mighty team who will one day (hopefully soon) rise again from the ashes is a minor mention of Steve Nash.

2011-12 GM Survey Results |
Who is the best international player in the NBA?

1. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas -- 96.4%

2. Steve Nash, Phoenix -- 3.6%

74 percent of the GMs picked the Miami Heat to win the NBA Championship. 68 percent picked the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the West. 78 percent picked the Lakers to win the Pacific Division with the Clippers getting the rest of the votes. And Kevin Durant is the GMs preseason pick for MVP.

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