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NBA Power Rankings: ESPN Ranks The Suns In Top 20

The Phoenix Suns are mired in the middle of nowhere. They aren't good but they aren't bad either. But they're closer to the latter. Make sense?

Sure it does.

So as they sit at 4-4 on the season, ESPN's Marc Stein has them ranked no. 19 in his NBA Power Rankings that dropped yesterday. He pointed out that since scoring below 90 (again) in Dallas, that the Suns responded by routing a really good Portland team and scoring 109 on Milwaukee. Steve Nash is back to shooting a ridiculous percentage and dropping the occasional point guard masterpiece (like 17 assists against Milwaukee) so there are things to cheer.

A trip to Los Angeles and then two home games agaisnt Cleveland and New Jersey should put the Suns above .500 if they take care of business like they should. But then a five-game road trip to San Antonio, Chicago, New York, Boston and Dallas is likely to bring that record back down.

May the struggling to stay .500 commence.