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NBA Power Rankings: The Top 10 Includes An Early Surprise

In this week's edition of the NBA Power Rankings the Miami Heat take the top spot despite some injuries woes. The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers still can't crack the top ten and there is a huge surprise at number 2. Let's take a look...

1. Miami Heat 8-1: LeBron James has been the best player in the NBA and the Heat continue to cruise along even with Dwayne Wade sidelined with a foot injury. The Heat are 3-0 without Wade and even beat the Hawks in triple OT without him and James.

2. Philadelphia 76ers 6-2: This is based on how teams are currently playing. Do I think the 76ers are going to end up as the second best team in the NBA this season? No, but right now they have the highest point differential, best offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency. The 76ers are also in the midst of a five game winning streak, which is the longest in the league.

3. Chicago Bulls 8-2: Bulls have the third highest point differential in the NBA. In a good sign for Chicago, Carlos Boozer is starting to pick up his play. If he could get back to the level he produced in Utah it would really help the Bulls offensively.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder 8-2: I like that the Thunder are 3-1 on the road early in the season. Teams who are going to be number one seeds in their conference need to win on the road. They are winning without Russell Westbrook playing good basketball. Losing Eric Maynor for the season was a hit and rookie point guard Reggie Jackson is going to need to step up.

5. Portland Trailblazers 6-2: I really like this Portland team and I am interested to see how this season plays out for them. I never thought LaMarcus Aldridge would become as good as he currently is.

6. Atlanta Hawks 7-3: The Hawks have impressive wins over the Heat and Bulls plus they would have beat the Bulls a second time if they could have made free throws down the stretch. After a slow start Josh Smith is playing terrific basketball.

7. San Antonio Spurs 6-3: The Spurs are 6-0 at home and 0-3 on the road. They are just trying to keep things together until Manu Ginobili returns. I like this Spurs team more than last year's team because of the depth they have on the bench.

8. Los Angeles Clippers 4-2: The Clippers have only played six games, the least of any team in the NBA. The offensive is tremendous, but they are still trying to figure things out defensively.

9. Indiana Pacers 6-3: The Pacers fell to the 76ers by 10 Monday night, but they were without Danny Granger. The only quality win they have is against the Celtics.

10. Orlando Magic 6-3: Orlando's best win is against the Houston Rockets and they were blown out by the best two teams they faced - the Bulls and Thunder. Dwight Howard is playing tremendously as he waits to get traded.

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