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Steve Nash Recommends Bill Simmons Rant Criticizing Robert Sarver

Bill Simmons, aka ESPN's The Sports Guy, isn't happy that he isn't going to get basketball in a month or so. He isn't happy that the players and the owners are using tactics that he believes will ultimately fail. So he went on a rant on Twitter blasting everyone that'll hold up an NBA season from happening.

One of his targets was Suns owner Robert Sarver. Simmons is no fan of Sarver for penny-pinching a title-contending team. Simmons is even less of a fan of Sarver's willingness to blow up the current CBA in favor of something that would justify all his previous basketball/financial-related decisions. So there went Simmons, burning up on Sarver again.

2 Sarver overpaid for team, spent last few years slicing $$$$ and turned Suns fans against him. Not he wants to blow up the system? Go away.

This should probably mean nothing, because Simmons ripping Sarver is like Teller never speaking to Penn. It comes naturally.

But then Suns star Steve Nash inserted himself into the fray.

Steve Nash
RT : have some great points about NBA lockout. All fans should see what he have to say.(Go check his twitter rant now!)

24 minutes ago

(HT to Bruce Arthur for the find)

Nash taking the side against Sarver? Oh boy. This shouldn't create any awkwardness anywhere at all.

For all of Sarver's faults, he has committed himself to Nash as the face of the Phoenix franchise.  But Nash cannot be happy about the decisions that saw him lose valuable players like Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire. Now the Suns toil on the edge of the NBA periphery while his fellow teammates enjoy playoff berths galore. Sad times for Nash, and it's understandable he'd be angry with Sarver about it.

It does make you wonder how Sarver will respond. This will be Nash's final year under contract.

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