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Marcin Gortat Says He Will Play In Russia If NBA Lockout Continues

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Phoenix Suns center, Marcin Gortat, could join the growing list of NBA players to consider playing overseas if the NBA Lockout continues. According to Polish media reports, Gortat was in Gdansk Friday when he said that it's very probable he'll play in Russia. Gortat wouldn't name the specific team, but said it was in a "beautiful city".

Gortat is in Poland taking part in some kind of combo tennis / basketball exhibition with top Polish tennis players Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski. Marcin is touring the country meeting with kids as part of this camp and took advantage of the BNP Paribas Polish Open near Gdansk to show off his tennis skills. We can only imagine that he covers a lot of net with his seven-foot wing span.

Here's a Polish version of the news:

Marcin Gortat: I'll be playing in the Russian league - NBA - Sport INTERIA.PL
- Outdated is my opportunity to play in the Polish league, which is constantly evolving, but in terms of Russia's far inferior league. I do not want to reveal the details, I can only say that I played in a very nice city. July 22 is coming to Warsaw, my manager, and then probably give more information - Gortat said.

Gortat originally told SB Nation Arizona that it was unlikely he would play for the Polish national team this summer, citing issues with insurance and a desire to stay in the states and work on his game. But just a few days ago he seemed to reverse that decision.

FIBA – International basketball deals with lockout | FIBA.COM
"I'll be playing in the Polish squad," Gortat said.   "The condition, however, is that the Polish Basketball Federation pay the insurance which the Phoenix Suns provide me but doesn't apply during the lockout."

Marcin Gortat figures to be a big part of the Suns' plans for next season, but like other players he seems to be seeing the possibility of a extended lockout and exploring his options to play elsewhere.

Suns' swingman, Mickael Pietrus is facing a similar situation. His agent told the Arizona Republic that Pietrus has an offer to play in Turkey but hadn't made a decision yet. Pietrus will miss playing for the French team due to a minor knee surgery according to the report.

Here's some recent video of Marcin Gortat working with kids at one of his basketball camps: