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NBA Mock Draft: Suns Still Liking Soft European Center

SB Nation's latest NBA mock draft is out and the Suns are still projected to make the same selection as last week's mock. With the 13th pick in the draft, the Suns go with Lithuanian center Donatas Montiejunas. The crazy thing is that Montiejunas is not even the first Lithuanian center to come off the board in this draft. That would be Jonas Valenciunas, who goes number eight to the Pistons

For those who still have "Jimmer Fever," you will be sad to note that the BYU guard Jimmer Fredette will be snatched up just before the Suns' selection, being taken by the Utah Jazz at number 12. 

The thing with the Montiejunas pick is that the Suns are already oddly set at center. With Robin Lopez and Marcin Gortat, they really have no room for another big guy, especially is Garret Siler returns. Of course, there is plenty of speculation that Lopez has worn out his welcome and will not be a Phoenix Sun come next season. 

Over the course of Suns draft history, I find it interesting that they would go with a guy at that position who has reportedly no defensive skillset to play a position that is is ideally to be the anchor of a team's defense. 

What is interesting is the commentary given in the projection. The writer does not believe he will fall as far as Phoenix as he writes, "I keep dropping him in the mock further than he'll go." 

If that is the case, I'm sure that there will not be many complaints from the Phoenix faithful.