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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Derrick Williams Not First, Tristian Thompson To Suns (Yuck)

In what kind of NBA Mock Draft hell does Derrick Williams, stud, Arizona, not go first? The answer is a mock draft that assumes the Minnesota Timberwolves win the NBA Draft Lottery on May 17. Tom Ziller is absolutely correct in his latest NBA Mock Draft in assuming that if the Wolves pick first, they will have to go with Kyrie Irving. That also assumes, however, that the Minnesota Timberwolves make anything approaching a logical choice when history tells us otherwise.

The Phoenix Suns at the 13th spot in the draft, are taking Tristian Thompson from Texas according to Ziller's latest. Thompson, from Texas, was that long guy the that Arizona Wildcats were so worried about in the NCAA Tournament and then held him to three points.

Thompson is an undersized power forward at 6-8 with an impressive, but not incredible 7-2 wing span. He's athletic and intriguing but not very skilled at this point. He's got the body of a small forward but lacks the enough range, handle or passing to play on the perimeter. 

Considered a versatile defender by Draft Express and a decent enough rebounder with raw offensive skills, the player Thompson remind us most of is another guy with the initials "T.T." -- Tyrus Thomas but not as good.

It's early in the process so hopefully some better options emerge for the Suns with the 13th pick.