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NBA Draft: Derrick Williams No Longer Obvious 2nd Pick

The 2011 NBA Draft Lottery wasn't kind to Arizona star Derrick Williams. With the Cleveland Cavaliers getting the first pick, the Minnesota Timberwolves second, and Utah Jazz third, things are very much up in the air for the talented forward who is listed as the second best player on most NBA Mock Draft boards.

Cleveland will kick things off at the June 23rd draft with the obvious selection of Kyrie Irving. There's certainly a chance that during the workouts and interviews that will take place in the next few weeks that Williams could jump over Irving but at this point it's not likely. It's hard to see the Cavs passing on a franchise caliber point guard.

That leaves the Minnesota Timberwolves controlling Williams fate (not an enviable place to be). Common sense would tell us that Williams is a poor fit for the Wolves. They already have a great power forward in Kevin Love and a similarly sized combo three/four in Michael Beasley. 

Beasley and Williams are far too similar in skills and roles but the incumbent from Kansas State is more talented than the rookie from Arizona. It is possible the Wolves could decide that Williams' maturity and character are enough of an upgrade over Beasley that they would take Derrick and find another home for Beasley.

What makes more sense for a young Wolves team is to trade the number two pick and fill their small forward hole with a veteran and pick up some future assets in the process.

Then again, if Minnesota really likes Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker or Enes Kanter they could keep their pick and allow Williams to fall to the Jazz who holds the third pick. Even though they recently acquired Derrick Favors from the Nets, it would be hard to imagine Williams getting past Utah.

It's all very early and we will likely hear plenty of rumors leading up to the draft. One thing for sure, predicting what David Kahn will do in the draft is a losing proposition.