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NBA Playoffs: Kevin Garnett Must Make Up For Loss Of Kendrick Perkins

A few months ago, the Boston Celtics traded their starting center, Kendrick Perkins, to the Oklahoma City Thunder for swingman Jeff Green. With the loss of their big man, Kevin Garnett needs to step up in a big way for the Boston Celtics against the Miami Heat.

Garnett is by no means a center, but he will be tasked with guarding Chris Bosh, a versatile power forward that has the potential to take over a game. Garnett's best effort will be required to give Boston a fighting chance in this series against the superpowered Heat.

Many NBA fans dislike Garnett for his fiery attitude and cheap shots, but those who cheer for the Celtics know that they wouldn't trade Garnett for anyone else.

Boston can't help but be wary about this matchup -- aging veterans will try to turn back the sands of time against three players in the prime of their careers. Though if anyone can stop the Miami Heat, it's the Celtics, who can just hope that LeBron James quits in the playoffs again.