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NBA Mock Draft: Phoenix Suns First Mock Pick, Jan Vesely

To kick things off for 2011 NBA Draft season, here's the first SB Nation NBA Mock Draft presented in haiku form by Tom Ziller. With this pick, Tom has the Suns taking Jan Vesely, a very interesting player who was projected to be a top 10 choice last season but opted out of the draft in favor of more seasoning overseas. 

Vesely is a 6-11, 215 pound, small/power forward with incredible athleticism. He will be 21 at the time of the draft with several years of experience on a top European team.

13. Phoenix Suns: Jan Vesely, F, Czech Republic

Yan can sprint, and dunk.
Hakim Warrick's Czech brother.
Wait, on second thought ...

Here's what Draft Express says about him:

DraftExpress NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Jan Vesely, Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook
From a physical standpoint, Vesely remains the same extremely intriguing athletic specimen. He has terrific size and length for a small forward at 6-11 and couples that with incredible explosiveness. He looks a lot more confident in trying to utilize his athleticism as of late, as he's been responsible for a number of unbelievable dunks this season. He's gaining a reputation for being somewhat of a Blake Griffin-type spectacle at this level, doing things that people just aren't accustomed to seeing in European basketball.

Blake Griffin-type dunks? To the YouTubes!