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NBA Mock Draft Has Phoenix Suns Taking Shooter Klay Thompson

The NBA Draft is still eight weeks away but we are starting to hear rumblings about the Phoenix Suns conducting their first pre-draft workouts in Phoenix. In years past, the Suns front office was open about who they worked out and welcomed the media in to talk to team personnel staff, coaches and players. It is not yet clear if the new front office team of Lon Babby and Lance Blanks will be so open. 

One draft prospect that will likely get a look from the Suns at some point is Washington State junior shooting guard, Klay Thompson. The latest version of the 2011 NBA Mock Draft the Suns take Thompson with their 13th pick.

Thompson is a 6-6 guard with a long wing span that helps him make up for average athleticism. Where he excels is shooting the ball. Klay is considered to be the best pure shooter in the draft and has the ability to get off his shot with little space given his quick mechanics and high release point.

It's unclear if the Suns would see a wing shooter as enough of a need to draft this high. On their list of priorities, shooting wasn't mentioned. The team seems to be looking for more size and defense so our feeling is that Thompson won't be wearing a Suns' uniform. Then again, who really knows as this point. Draft Express has Thompson going 19th in their latest mock draft.