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Grant Hill Hustles His Way To Dan Majerle Award

Grant Hill has surprised everyone except his coach this season with his great defense, outstanding leadership, and all around effort. Alvin Gentry isn't surprised by anything Grant does anymore and I guess we shouldn't be either. 

Wednesday night before the final game of the 2010-11 season, Hill was awarded the Majerle Hustle Award in honor of current assistant coach and Suns Ring of Honor member Dan Majerle. 

Hill was voted the winner by fans, coaches, employees, players, and Dan Majerle himself. Hill is the only Suns' player to win the award twice. He previously was honored with this award in 2008.

Past winners include:

  • Jared Dudley (2010)
  • Louis Amundson (2009)
  • Grant Hill (2008)
  • Leandro Barbosa (2007)
  • Raja Bell (2006)
  • Shawn Marion (2005)
  • Casey Jacobsen (2004)
  • Bo Outlaw (2003)