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Derrick Williams Decision To Leave Arizona For NBA Draft Is The Right Call

It's news that Arizona Wildcats fans must have been expecting but at the same time dreading. Stud forward Derrick Williams has announced that he will sign with an agent and enter his name for selection in the 2011 NBA Draft. Sean Miller certainly would have loved another year coaching the athletic and talented Williams but this is clearly the right move for him.

Williams is projected to go as high as first and no lower than fifth by the various mock drafts. His exact draft location will depend on the order teams pick which won't be known until the May 17 Draft Lottery.

If the Washington Wizards get the first pick they would likely take Williams to replace their talented but problematic forward, Andray Blatche. Having drafted John Wall last year they don't have a need for point guard  Kyrie Irving.

If the Minnesota Timberwolves get the first pick they would be much more likely to take Irving and pass on Williams.

Even if he's not drafted first overall, Williams still stands to make a lot of money. Going back for another year at Arizona couldn't possibly improve his draft status but would subject him to an injury that could cost him a lot of money.

It's been a pleasure watching Williams play for the Wildcats but it's time for him to move on.

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Derrick Williams is NBA bound and with that, Arizona's basketball off-season is kicked into high gear.  You all knew the scenario; four recruits for one spot.  With Williams leaving, it is now four recruits for two spots, and means that Miller and his staff will only have to convince two current scholarship players to transfer or not be on the team come next season.