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Jared Dudley's Dunk Found Wanting By Panel Of His Peers

At the 10:51 mark of the third quarter of the Suns game versus the Clippers, Jared Dudley is credited with a dunk in the official game notes.

This is important because Dudley is trying to get to 10 full dunks on the season and coming into the game had eight. It's such a big deal that the Suns game operations staff has created a "Jared Dudley Dunk 'o Meter" for the video board at US Airway Center.

The general consensus at the time from media row was, no dunk. But after the game Mark McClune from Fox Sports Arizona assembled an esteemed panel of dunkers to pass final judgement.

Vince Carter (a famous dunk contest winner), along with the high-flying Hakim Warrick and Josh Childress were given final say. 

As for the actual play, it didn't seem to make any highlight clips of the game. Go figure.

Dudley himself talks about the "dunk".