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Video: Channing Frye And Jerryd Bayless Altercation During Suns Raptors Game

In the fourth quarter of the Suns Raptors game on March 24, Jerryd Bayless grabbed Channing Frye around the head while fighting through a screen. Frye did lean into Bayless with his shoulder a bit but it doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. The two squared up and Bayless shoved Frye with two hands in the chest. Both were issued technical fouls and Bayless received a Flagrant 1 foul.

The two have a long shared history. Both Frye and Bayless are from Phoenix and both attended St. Mary's High School and both played college ball at the University of Arizona. While they were never teammates in either school, they did both play on the Portland Trail Blazers in 2008-09. Frye also reportedly played high school ball with Jerryd's older brother.

After the game, Frye said he didn't want to discuss this incident. We are not aware of any history between the two players. The league could review the play although a suspension for Bayless would seem unlikely.