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Video: Blake Griffin Massive Dunk On Marcin Gortat Called An Offensive Foul

Blake Griffin, Master Dunker, Destroyer Of Men, Blaster Of Nets, Jumper of Cars, was thrown out of Sunday's Suns-Clippers game after being called for an offensive foul while throwing one down on Marcin Gortat. It was his sixth foul on the day.

See for yourself, is it a charge (as called) or is it a blocking foul on Gortat?

Either way, it was pretty massive. Coach Gentry agreed,

"That was one hell of a dunk. I don't care if it was a charge. That might be as impressive of a dunk as I have seen in the NBA in 23 years. I think that was the best dunk he's had since he was in the league."

In replay and slo-mo and with the benefit of microscopic examination, it looks like Blake got robbed.

There's a few reasons for that bad call made by referee Steve Javie.

Javie is notorious for ignoring the pleas of the home crowd and isn't the kind of guy who's going to give the benefit of the doubt to a rookie, regardless of his pedigree. To make Griffin's case worse, just a few minutes before he got tangled with Hakim Warrick on a few plays and made his feelings known. Needless to say, he didn't earn any goodwill from Javie and it likely cost him on this play. 

The call probably didn't effect the outcome of the game anyway so let's just enjoy his high-flying acrobatics and appreciate Gortat getting into position to have the call made.

At least he didn't throw a shoulder and elbow into the airborne Griffin like Andrew Bynum did to Michael Beasley